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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Patricia Muñoz Garrido and Álvaro Santos Laso, esteemed members of our team, recently had the honor of attending the esteemed Gene Therapy Analytical Development Congress celebrated from 22nd to 24th of May in London.

This prestigious event served as a platform for our team members to:

Connect with Industry Leaders: Patricia and Álvaro had the invaluable opportunity to network with leading experts and industry pioneers in the field of gene therapy. These connections will undoubtedly inspire collaboration and drive innovation within our team.
Stay Updated on Latest Trends: The congress provided a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and advancements in gene therapy. Patricia and Álvaro gained insights into cutting-edge techniques and methodologies, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of analytical development.
Participate in Enriching Workshops: Through engaging workshops and training sessions, our team members expanded their knowledge and honed their skills. These hands-on experiences will enhance our approach and strategies in both current and future projects.

We are incredibly proud of Patricia Muñoz and Álvaro Santos participation in this significant event. Their dedication to professional development and pursuit of knowledge exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation in analytical development for Gene Therapies.


Stay tuned as we integrate the innovative ideas and insights gained from the Gene Therapy Analytical Development Congress into our ongoing projects, furthering our mission to advance healthcare through groundbreaking research and development.

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